The trouble with GDP

What is GDP?

fileGross Domestic Product GDP is the aggregate of goods and services produced in a country. GDP — is the sum of all goods and services produced in an economy in one year. Since that was several years ago, we’re going to update our ‘divided equally’ figure to $42,008 for 2005, based on GDP of $12,455.8 (in billions of dollars) and a 2005 population of 296,507,061.
We all know that dividing equally is not how we divide things up in this country. There are the rich, the poor, and those of us who are sandwiched in between. The rich get theirs off the top, the poor scrape theirs off the bottom, and those left in the middle continue to get smaller and smaller.

Needs Green Super Foods

It’s true, there is quite a long list of super foods that you can choose from but the green super foods really make an impact on your health and well being. In the Middle East when you order grilled meats you get a whole basketful of raw vegetables from bell peppers to cucumbers and tomatoes to go with your meal. A definite throw-back to ancient times; reminiscent of when people ate the produce of the land and lived long healthy lives.
Green super foods may best be described as natural foods that have an overload of nutrients, way beyond what other foods contain. These foods not only provide nutrition but also have antioxidants which can help with various health problems. You can get these foods in a powder form from health food stores.
Green super foods include seaweed which is highly nutritious but not really popular in the western world. Barley grass and wheat grass are also part of the green super foods list. The liquid is extracted to concoct a very nutritious drink. It provides high levels of energy and keeps disease from attacking your immune system.
Understanding GDP

The economy, or GDP, is basically the same. GDP is the gross domestic product of a country and is a measure of the output of that country. Let me explain.
Headlines read, ‘we are now technically in a recession’. What does that mean? A recession is defined as a period of economic downturn. Its exact definition is two consecutive quarters of negative downturn in GDP. So today we are actually in recession, not that that would be a surprise to anyone.
GDP is really a broad measure of a country’s output of goods and services. Data will be gathered on the UK’s personal consumption of goods, government expenditures and incomes received by the relevant sectors of an economy such as agriculture, banking, mining, and manufacturing to name a few.
It is simply an attempt to measure the income an economy is receiving over a set period of time i.e. its domestic product. The word ‘gross’ is used, as physical wear and tear on capital such as factory machines, office equipment etc are not taken into account.
Gross national product (GNP) is slightly different in that it measures overseas income which is also added back into GDP.

The Ten Habits of Mass Innovation

Mass Innovation in Business

logo_0As a business owner we know that the definition of Mass Innovation in business changes with the times. As a company we must always be on the cutting edge of Mass Innovation in order to keep up with our competitors.

Ten Habits of Mass Innovation

1) Environmental Careers – These jobs entail working on the front line–working in the environment to help nature in some way. In many cases the goal of these jobs is to undo the impact humans have had on the Earth over the preceding decades and centuries.
2) Energy – The careers in this segment are focused on the energy puzzle. How do we shift our energy sources away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy sources in a profitable, cost effective, streamlined way?
3) Green Products and Services – Existing businesses and start up businesses are stepping up their production of green products and services. Whether these products and services change how we live, eat, clean, travel, invest, decorate, or build, they lessen the impact we have on the Earth.
4) Green Innovation – This is the cutting edge of the green sector. If you listen to the news, you’ll learn about new innovations almost every day.
5) Implementing, Systematizing, Manufacturing, Distributing – Getting these innovations to a place where they can be reliably produced and efficiently distributed will be key. Roles will vary by product, but this is where the hands on work will get done. Plenty of career opportunities here as various product lines mature.
6) Marketing and Sales – The next step is to create a demand for the new products by motivating and persuading people to choose the new products over the old ones. If you’ve used these skills in other industries, you will be able to transfer them to this arena.
7) Inspiring and Educating – Still another group of people will be involved in encouraging, inspiring, and educating people to change their choices and actions. In some cases these are individuals or foundations with a cause. It could also be educating people on the technical side of using new products.
8) Sustainable Companies – Another way to green your career would be to work for a company that is sustainable. These companies evaluate their decisions based on how they impact people, how they impact the environment, and how they impact profits. Examples of companies in this category are: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Clif Bar, Seventh Generation, Tom’s of Maine, Newman’s Own, Eileen Fisher, and Greyston Bakery.
9) Green Your Own Business – If you are in business for yourself, think about how you might change your services or business practices to become greener. In the last month I’ve heard of green public relations firms, green builders, green interior designers, green dry cleaners, green cleaning companies…and I haven’t even been searching for these examples.
10) Change Your Personal Work Habits. Ask your co-workers to do the same. If you aren’t able to make a career change, be conscious about your habits at work. How are you using energy? How are you disposing of waste? How are you getting to work? Every little bit does add up.

Effect of Mass Innovation

Mass Innovation services involving the end-user have become increasingly popular in today’s business marketplace. If you have a certain product you’re selling or service you’re trying to get out to the masses who better to let you know if it’s working in the people who are your target market. The internet in particular has given us a great forum to foster this kind of innovation.

Learning from the Extremes

Learn From the Mistakes

If you take a long and hard look around the inventions you will see that most of the people who are successful are those with a lot of experience in their field or someone who just got extremely lucky by producing a floating light bulb at the right place and at the right time. If you want to succeed in this business then you are going to need some mass innovations experience, but who says that you need to learn from your own mistakes, when you can learn from the mistakes of others too?
With the mass innovations Niche’s growing popularity there is enough information scattered over thousands of pages that are at your fingertips. One of the key mistakes that new webmasters/internet marketers will make is that they research all the things that they “should” do to be successful online.
A more advanced way to learn from the mistakes is to take notice of any negative innovation. If a certain inventor is posting remarks to make another inventor look bad it is probably because he/she did something wrong (bad enough to warn others about). Read up on what inventors are saying about each other and you could find yourself avoiding a lot of controversy.

Learn From the Past

To live a better life, we need to each learn from the past, to appreciate the past, but to live now. It isn’t so much a lifestyle, as a living style. We all have a past with certain innovations that took place we would sooner forget about.
The key is not to forget about those, but learn from those. Not necessarily to dwell on them, but to understand why a certain innovations came about in our life and what we can learn from it. We attract innovations to us to assist us in our daily evolution from what we were to what we can become.
Whatever we encounter, we have attracted to us, and we can blame no one. It is our opportunity to mass innovations. Many say that life is unfair, however, as unlikely as that may seem, judging as to the many obstacles some peoples innovation, it is true.
The fact is, the individuals who face the most challenges in life are the most blessed, they are being given many more opportunities to improve their life and move past the karma they bring from previous existences.

Learn from Extremes

study-the-experienceYou may be torn between learning about innovation from the experts and making your own innovation. However, you really don’t have to do it that way when you can incorporate the two. It is often said that history will repeat itself and that is very true. You want the history of a successful innovation to be what you have on your pages though and not repeats of other people’s failures.
The best way to do this is to really pay attention to the experts. They have wisdom that is beyond what you can imagine. They have already tried things and some have failed. Others have been a success for them. Where this helps you is that you don’t have to copy those mistakes but you can sure focus on the information to be a success inventor.

Green Technologies in Food Production and Processing

Green TechnologiesNowadays, you can find many nutritionists speaking about the problem of obesity all the time. So many people are suffering from obesity that you will find a new company coming up with a new product literally every day to help those people shed off the excess fat from their body.

Green Super Foods

Green super foods are among some of the best foods available that are not only helpful in helping you lose weight fast, but also provide your body the essential additional vitamins needed. As the name of the food suggest, green super foods are made up of green vegetables and fruits. These foods are high in fiber and water content, which keeps your body full and does not make you suffer from hunger pangs at every other hour.
Looking at the present trend in the market, you will find millions of people depending upon junk food like burgers, pizza, and soft drinks that are high in calories which are the primary culprits behind obesity. Green super foods are rich in chlorophyll which is extremely helpful in suppressing your hunger. Green super foods are also rich in antioxidants that help in making your body internally strong and control your metabolism.
Whenever you think about losing weight, it is important that you concentrate on enhancing the metabolic process of your body because in this way, you will be burning up more calories and hence will quickly remove excess pounds from your body.

Benefits of Green Food

The green super foods are preferred more than other dieting products and foods available in the market. Green super foods are very rich in enzymes that help the digestion process and flushes out all the chemicals and toxins from your body.
When you consume large amounts of vegetables and fruits, the fiber in it helps to keep your stomach filled throughout the day. Most of the vegetables and fruits that are rich in water content must be consumed more as they help in absorbing nutrients and minerals when dissolve in the blood. This can also improve the metabolic process of your body.
You can find a list of products that come under the category of green super foods online. But before entering into the complex options, you can simply open up your refrigerator. Surprisingly, you already should have lots of products through which you can easily prepare and construct your own green super foods diet.

Production and Processing of Green Food

To start with, search for unprocessed, whole food products. Whole, unprocessed food products possess several health benefits. One benefit is whole, unprocessed foods have many nutrients. Unprocessed, whole food products consist of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds. As soon as products are processed, a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will be destroyed. For instance, as soon as seeds and nuts are cooked the essential fats convert into unhealthy fats which are dangerous to a human body as well as cause weight gain. After fruits and veggies are cooked, a lot of nutriments are eliminated. As a result, consuming fresh raw foods furnishes the greatest number of nutrients.